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Points of Interest in Hinigaran



The mini-Rizal Park is located at the public plaza fronting the century old Roman Catholic Church, was constructed in 1970.  It has an area of 485 square meters.  Monuments to the unknown soldiers of the Philippine Revolution and World War II stand at the sides of Rizal Monument.  The Rizal Park is the center of many Rizal’s Day and Independence Day Celebrations, where the Philippines War II. Century Standards are raised.


Another place which has cultu-historical significance and worth visiting in the beautiful town of Hinigaran is the century-old Catholic Parish of St. Mary Magdalene. Located at Rizal Street, the church is of Romanesque type of architecture and prominently displays the century old statue of St. Mary Magdalene high above it's main entrance. The huge building is 30.70 meters wide and 38.5 meters long with massive walls made of limestone blocks.  It has a church tower measuring 30 meters high and a belfry.  Before its renovation, the church has five (5) altars- one main altar and four (4) side altars.  Beneath the choir stand is the main door.

The original church was made of materials available at the time of its construction.  The walls two meters thick are made of limestone blocks believed to have been transported from Guimaras.  G.I. sheets with plywood ceiling replaced the roof.  The brick flooring was replaced with tiles.

The five (5) big bells dated 1867, 1878, 1871 and 1876 which was  taken from the belfry is now on display at the front of the church convent though the effort of Monsignor Ramon Tirania.

Statement of Significance

The construction of the Roman Catholic Church resulted to the rapid conversion of the natives to Catholicism.  While the church reminded the people of the blood and sweat of their forebears that went along with its construction, the natives readily accepted the Catholic faith (86.50 % are Catholics).  The church then became a strong unifying force in community life.

The people’s strong religious fervor spurred them, especially the affluent to donate their land-holding for the support of the church, thus, making the parish of Hinigaran one of the richest parishes in the province, because of its vast church properties.


The pacific war had destroyed several old building of Spanish vintage, except the old convent which was preserved because it had been temporary evacuation center of the residents who chose to stay in the poblacion at the height of Japanese mapping operation.

The convent, with an area of 33.3 meters wide and 32.20 meters long now occupied by  Madeleine Academy, is adjacent to the Roman Catholic Church.  It has undergone minor renovation to suit the instructional needs of the school but still retain its old type of architecture.


Spans the Hinigaran River.  Constructed in 1927 through the efforts of the late Protempore and Senator Espiridion Guanco. It measures 144 meters long and six (6) meters wide. The bridge was constructed through a resolution of the Sangguniang Bayan preserving the bridge in memory of the Senator.


(Special Interest) located at Barangay Bato, some 10 kilometers east of the town proper, the Linao lake is famous for its floating bamboo foot bridge supported by the blooming water lilies that grow abundantly on the placid waters of the lake. 



meaning a “place to eat” is located along the national highway.  It is very famous among the travelers going to and from Southern Negros. It offers fresh seafood’s even as early as 6:00 a.m.  In the afternoon, it is also the favorite drinking place because of good “Pulutan” and delicious “talaba”.


a two storey building, along the Rizal Street, also serves lunch, and usually the venue of conferences.  It is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Aguilar.

located along the national highway at the southern outskirt of the Poblacion, it serves chicken barbecue and other pulutans.


also located  along the national highway at the southern outskirt of the Poblacion. It serves chicken barbecues and broiled fish as pulutan.

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