Why Visit Us

Fun Fiestas

Hinigaranons love to celebrate important occasions. Our fiestas are filled with fun and laughter, you just have to experience one!

Seafoods Galore

Hungry for seafood? Partake of our sumptuous array of fish, crustaceans and seaweeds that are always fresh from the sea.

Relax and Unwind

Our lovely beaches are the perfect destinations when you're looking for some peace and tranquility. Visit us now!

Tourist Destinations

  • Century Old St. Mary Magdalene Church

    This is one of the oldest churches in Negros Occidental. Founded in 1848, built in 1858 under the direction of the Augustinian-Recollects.

  • Century Old Church Bells

    This is another historic landmark in Hinigaran that is flocked by tourists. These church bells symbolize the fortitude and resiliency of Hinigaranons.

  • Don Espiridion Guanco Bridge Park

    A favorite destination of many Negrenses. Both locals and tourists alike never fail to stop by and enjoy this cultural heritage.

  • Canonoy Beach Resort

    Another great spot to visit in Hinigaran.This is a favorite of families from all-over Negros. It is the perfect getaway during hot summer months.

  • Paradiso Beach Resort

    Perfect for friends and family who want to stay cool and refreshed during the hot summer months. Take a dip in the cool blue waters of the swimming pools in this summer haven.

  • Bulubito-on Beach Resort

    Enjoy the star-shaped fruit trees in this fine beach. The cool breeze, the rustling leaves, and the nice and clean beach, make Bulubito-on a favorite destination.

Maay Beach Resort

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Great Pasalubong Delicacies

Hinigaran is home to tasty lumpia ubod, royal bibingka, panara, banana marble and many more

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