Statistical Data

54 kilometers from Bacolod City
Original Settlers   Mundos
Founded   1768
Classification   First Class
Total Land Area   15,482.00 hectares
Population   81,925 as of 2010
Number of Barangays   24 Barangays
Major Industry  
  • Agriculture and Fishing (Aqua Marine)
  • Pyrotechnics and Firecrackers Manufacturing
Products   Nylon Shell, Capiz Shell (Lampirong) & Oyster (Talaba)
Market Day   Thursday and Sunday
Town Fiesta   April 30 (Hinugyaw)
Patronal Fiesta   July 22
Patron Saint   Saint Mary Magdalene
  • Century-old Roman Catholic Church
  • Century-old Bells
  • Municipal Building
  • World War II Marker - Brgy. Narauis and Bry Candumarao
  • Don Espiridion Guanco Bridge Park
  • Madeleine Academy (Old Augustine Convent)
  • Cross of Peace-Brgy. Bato
Number of Elementary Schools   29
Number of Private Schools   3
Number of High Schools   8
Colleges/State Universities   CPSU - Central State Philippine University
Beach/ Spring Resorts  
  • Bulubito-on Beach
  • Canonoy Beach
  • Ma-ay Beach
  • Wiro Beach Resort
  • Gargato Beach Resort
  • R.B Gicana Beach Resort
  • Makikiling Pt. Beach Resort
  • Paradiso Beach Resort
  • Papi’s Pool
  • Presas Beach Resort
  • Paraiso ni Flesing
  • Twin Sister Pool
Dining Nightlife Leisure  
  • Ang Kalan-an sa Dalan
  • Stick 2 Juan Chicken House
  • Denzel's Restaurant
  • Mila’s Restaurant
  • Tatam’s Refreshment
  • Melva’s Refreshment
  • Susan’s Manokan
  • Food Park 88
  • BJ’s Chicken House
  • Lopues Food Court
  • Boulevard Restaurant
  • 7-11 Convenience Store & Snackhouse

Hinigaran is a first class town in the southern area of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Located about 54 kilometers away from Bacolod City, the town takes pride in being the Oyster Capital of Negros Occidental. Hinigaran is a burgeoning town with more or less 82,000 inhabitants based on the 2010 census.

Headed by the Honorable Mayor Hermilo L. Aguilar, Hinigaran is subdivided politically into several barangays, namely:

Anahaw Barangay IV (Pob.) Candumarao Palayog
Aranda Bato Gargato Paticui
Baga-as Calapi Himaya Pilar
Barangay I (Pob.) Camalobalo Miranda Quiwi
Barangay II (Pob.) Camba-og Nanunga Tagda
Barangay III (Pob.) Cambugsa Narauis Tuguis

Since it was established in the early Spanish era, migrants continue to troop to Hinigaran to settle and raise a family. In fact, the town has consistently enjoyed a growing population, some of which can be attributed to migrants who settle here. Statistics data show that during the past 20 years, Hinigaran's population growth, on the average, did not go down below 60% levels. 

YearPopulation±% p.a.
1990 68,739 
1995 71,519 +0.75%
2000 74,997 +1.02%
2007 80,528 +0.99%
2010 81,925 +0.63%

How to get here

Hinigaran is about an-hour-and-15 minute drive south of Bacolod City using public transport and one hour on private vehicles.  Public utility vehicles plying the southern Negros route pass through the municipality, dubbed as “Gateway to Southern Negros”.