The municipal abattoir is located at the reclamation area at the northwestern section of the poblacion near the mouth of the Hinigaran River. It is a detached single storey building of mixed construction using concrete, wood, G.I. and steel components. It has an area of about 103 square meters more or less, which is divided into the pig pen section and the slaughtering section. The pig pen is a latest improvement added. At the center of the building is a concrete and bricks furnace.


Water Supply

The existing water supply system built in 1955 is  being reinforced by two (2)  pumping stations, one  from Barangay Narauis to supply the four (4) Urban barangays and the neighboring eight (8) rural barangays . And the newly constructed pumping station at So. Kasoy Brgy. Camba-og that serve Brgys. Miranda, Gargato, Anahaw & Camba-og.

Solid Waste Management

Garbage and waste from around the poblacion and some adjacent barangays are picked up daily by two (2) municipal garbage trucks. This is being transported to a privately owned dumping area at the northern part of the poblacion which is part of Barangay Anahaw  Burning is the only method used to control the scattering of garbage already deposited there. Occasional application of lime is done to control sanitation and air pollution.

Drainage and Flood Control

There are two (2) natural creeks traversing the poblacion that drain out surface or floodwater towards the Hinigaran River during rainy season. These natural creeks are yearly maintained for their cleanliness and easy water flow with budget from the 20% municipal government development funds (IRA) implemented through the poblacion barangays traversed by these creeks. These two creeks were  improved through a loan packages from PREMIUMED that greatly solved the drainage problem of the municipality.


A small privately owned Fil-Cab terminal is located at the poblacion which ply from Hinigaran to Bacolod vice-versa daily and another private terminal located at the poblacion which cater to a larger type of public utility bus from Hinigaran to Bacolod and vice-versa and Hinigaran to the northern part of Negros Occidental.

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